The Balance Beam of Trucking and Family

The trucking industry is on the rise and as such, it offers plenty of opportunities starting from an exciting adventure to good earnings. However, the benefits don’t come without some costs. Irregular working hours and much time spent on the road are a real burden for truckers. The nature of a trucking career can make home and family life difficult. This kind of difficulty can be overcome only if there is a balance between trucking and family.

Long hours behind the wheel and days or weeks spent on the road are very stressful not only for truck drivers but for their families as well. Trucking is not just a job. It’s a lifestyle

Hurdles of Uncertainty

Making several trips in multiple directions before they head towards their home when there’s no direct route back is one of the hurdles truckers face. Their families suffer. 

Although very often truck drivers can set a schedule for an easy and simple route that doesn’t take much time, there’s always some sort of uncertainty. Certain things can’t always be predicted such as delayed or canceled shipments, inclement weather, traffic jams or road construction etc. Thus, truck drivers very often heat the road without knowing when they will be back. What is more difficult is that they never know if they’re going to miss some family events. Long-haul trucking to unfamiliar territory is unpredictable. 

balancing trucking and family life

Notwithstanding, there are around a million truck drivers who have families at home and still manage to balance their career and family time. It’s not easy but it’s possible. There are ways that can change the narrative. 

Connect while on the road

Hours on the road are long and lonely. Luckily, nowadays there are many options to get in touch with people. Use the technology and connect with your family through video calls when you’re away. It’s much better than regular phone calls. Don’t forget to enjoy the moment rather than thinking about your work. Those moments are precious and can give you wind in the back. Showing your spouse or kids on the video call where you are and giving them a chance to see your surroundings can be very interesting. 

Quality over quantity

Truck drivers usually have limited time to spend at home. Therefore, when you’re home, always tend to spend some quality time with your family. Truck drivers can be tired very often due to the nature of their job but spending your spare time in bed or in front of a television is a waste of little time you have. Consider doing something purposeful or fun. Trying out a new hobby or outdoor activities can have a healing effect on your family, especially if you have kids. Taking part in cooking is also fun. 

Teach your kids the importance of your job

dad trucker with his son having trucking family time

In order to understand why their dad is so often away, your kids need to learn more about your job. Take some time to show your kids your big rig. They will consider a privilege the opportunity to have a close-up look at the truck. Climbing into the cab could be an extraordinary experience for them. In addition, you can always show your kids how you check tire pressure and how you keep your truck organized. Isn’t it satisfying to have kids who admire their dad for being what he is? 

If you find a way to balance your personal life with work, your trucking career can be more beneficial than it seems. Always devote the maximum of your time off to your loved ones and remember, family, is above everything. Trucking and family can go along with each other.

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