How To Overcome Most Common Trucking Challenges in 2022

As we headed into another year a few months ago, the trucking industry keeps on facing a lot of challenges. Getting into gear brings inevitable issues. However, it’s still an enduring enterprise that has a lot to offer.

Fasten your seatbelts, ladies and gentleman, and let’s navigate away from the top 3 most common trucking challenges in 2022.

Law Shifts –A Headache or An Ease?

Today when shifting legislature is more common than ever, operating “by the book” has become very challenging for the trucking industry. Changes need to be implemented quickly and effectively. Regulations are under constant review and they tend to make trucking easier but it is still difficult to apply them all in no time. 

Be careful! Not being aware of new regulations can cause a lot of red tapes.

In the last few years, FMCA has proposed shortening the hours of service and electronic logging devices that would make it easier to accurately track and manage records. Increased minimum wage is another aspect brought to attention.

Keep yourself updated and you’ll be able to operate strictly according to the letter of the law and thus avoid additional expenses.

Customers Expectations

Following legal rules do not require the greatest effort because there are always available sources for you to stay updated. However, when it comes to customers’ constantly evolving expectations, the burden becomes even heavier.

Convincing your clients that they will get equivalent value for the money is one of the crucial points. Today when modern technology is available to everyone, the standards of expectations are expanding as well.  The era of digitalization and AI brings more concerns for the trucking companies to handle. Yet, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t take it to your advantage. On the contrary, utilizing modern technology shows to your customers that you keep pace with the modern speed of technological growth. Customers want to be updated about their shipping and delivery process and you can keep them posted. This way you build more trust and confidence.

The moral of the story is don’t be afraid of digital transformation. Although it might seem frustrating at the beginning, it can actually help you benefit more.

People in the trucking companies also need to deal with unreal customers expectations, hopefully not too often. Being a psychologist out of nowhere is not an easy thing and not something we are supposed to do. Nevertheless, there are situations that we need to handle on our own. Well, at least try to handle it. Some tips that can “save the situation” are:

– Be open and transparent

– Explain that your company is human-oriented so delays happen

– Add some extra value to the service and create a feeling of a human touch

Forbes has some extra tips on how to handle a client who has unrealistic expectations.

A graphic with three circles, each sircle showing one of the tips on overcomming trucking challenges.

Health and Safety Concerns

A driver is the most important link in the truck industry chain. The question of drivers’ safety has never been raised higher than today.

Covid-19 related issues have been brought to attention since the pandemic outburst. A driver can never know if it’s going to a hotspot which brings significant risk. We can always be supplied with PPE and sanitizer to minimize the risk of infection. 

Before the pandemic, fatigue was the number one concern in the trucking industry. It mustn’t be neglected now because the effects of fatigue can cause fatal consequences.  Tired drivers are dangerous drivers and it’s out of the question. Thus, ensuring enough rest time for the drivers is crucial. Avoiding heavy work schedules is a great step toward avoiding sleep deprivation and fatigue.

Weather conditions can be unpredictable so sometimes it is up to the drivers to make the right decision. Waiting for an obvious heavy snowstorm to pass is a better option than continuing the ride to the detriment of delay.

As a result of today’s way of life, modern technology, and legislative procedures, it is not possible to get away with some of the biggest challenges. They can’t be avoided and that’s not the question anymore. What we can do is try to adapt as much as possible and find a way to benefit from it. All the challenges in the trucking industry nowadays can be our advantage if we learn how to use them.

No need to hit on the brakes. Implement regulations, transform digitally, follow health and safety protocols and you’re ready to get the wheels turning.

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