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Road in spring, trees that blossom

Spring Driving Tips for Truck Drivers

As the weather warms up and winter fades away, truck drivers need to be mindful of springtime hazards that come with the season. Spring weather can be unpredictable, and drivers need to be aware of how to navigate

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Family Time: Things to do in winter

Ready or not, winter has arrived. And so have the holidays. This season is the ideal month to concentrate on family traditions. The holiday season offers so many wonderful things to do in winter such as crafts, holiday

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american highway

White Line Fever or Fatigued Driving

Ever gone hundreds of miles and realized you don’t remember a foot of it, stops, turns, etc? You’re driving as usual and suddenly you see a sigh informing you you have 80 miles to reach your destination. You

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Stacks documents of paper files, working in messy bureaucracy as one of the record keeping tips for truck drivers.

Record Keeping Tips For Truck Drivers

Truck drivers usually despise the thought of spending so many hours doing paperwork. Few people truly enjoy it. Nevertheless, it is a necessary evil in many professions. Besides being boring, managing paperwork is a serious responsibility too. Record keeping

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Fall Safety Tips For Truck Drivers

As we have just headed into the fall season, truck drivers will face driving challenges way different from those in summer. For many truck drivers, fall is just a stopover on the road to the winter freeze. However,

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A cup of coffee in a truck

How To Make Your Truck a Cozy Home

You, as a truck driver, spend a lot of time in your truck. Besides driving, when you’re on the road, you need a place to sleep, do your paperwork, eat, take breaks, etc. All of these activities take

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