Market Yourself As A Skilled Truck Driver

You probably experienced some sort of difficulty when you tried to land a job in a trucking company. In most cases it’s not because you are not good driver but you don’t know how to market yourself as a skilled truck driver and present your core values to the company. Companies are always looking for a reliable professional they can trust and feel confident with. When they find such a truck driver, the burden falls off their back. Simply put, you need to sell yourself to get your foot in the door. 

Keep up with regulatory changes

Trucking is a dynamic industry. Therefore laws and regulations change very frequently to make trucking more efficient and safer. No matter for how long you’ve been in the business, you’ll need to update your knowledge on regulations. 

Technology changes are also very often so as a modern truck driver you need to be familiar with various softwares used for communicating with dispatch or planning your route. Recruiters want to see that your knowledge is being refreshed regularly and that you know what you’re talking about. 

Communication Etiquette Matters

Good communication is important to market yourself as a skilled truck driver

Proper communication is an integral part of any working environment. Using good manners in communication is a part of a culture but can also be acquired from the company you work in. The more communication manners you have, the more effectively you will communicate your message. The way you interact with those around you speaks about who you are as a person and as a worker as well. Good communication manners is a sign of respect. If you show you can communicate politely, the recruiter will assume you will treat your dispatch and maintenance with respect as well. Respect is easily recognized so if you do your best, be assured you’ll be noticed. 

Remember, “thank you” and “you’re welcome” can be door openers whereas awkward words such as “um, huh, hmm, nah” can close them for good. 

Even though good communication skills don’t guarantee impeccable driving skills, a nice and decent conversation actually markets you way better than poor communication.

Communication etiquette is also crucial for maintaining a good relationship with your past employers. Hard feelings, if any, can be successfully mitigated by a communication device.

What is more important, never discuss the downfalls of your previous employer in front of a potential new employer. It sends a tremendously bad picture of yourself, not the employer. Your negative outlook is almost a warrant that you’ll talk poorly about a new company that is supposed to hire you. 

Hiring offer for a skilled truck driver

Clean driving record

Having a clean driving record means that you care about your safety and safety or others as well by following the rules, limiting your speed and practicing safe driving. A series of accidents or issues with your load signal a red flag immediately that you might be doing more harm than good. 

Everyone in the trucking industry understands that being on the road means you are constantly exposed to many hazards. Accidents happen to everyone, even to the best. However, there is a huge distinction between a good driver that wasn’t lucky enough once or a reckless driver with a very bad driving record. If you recognize yourself in the second category, you assured yourself lower pay and not so good routes. 

Building yourself is all about positioning. You need to sing your own praises that you’re the right person a trucking company should go for. If you think you’re an expert, then you probably have the confidence you need. If not, it might be tricky figuring out how to promote yourself but, hey, we bet you have some of the qualities that are required. However, you need to make them stand out and that’s the most important step. Express your core values, market yourself as a skilled truck driver and make the company want you in its team. Remember, it’s all about marketing. 

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