The 4 Must-See Stops on Historic Route 66

Route 66 US

The Mother Road. The Will Rogers Highway. America’s Main Street. No matter what you call it, Route 66 has been an iconic part of American culture for over 100 years.

This historic highway was one of the first transcontinental roads in the United States and was a major thoroughfare for westward expansion. Today, Route 66 is a popular tourist destination, drawing travelers from all over the world.

Whether you’re a truck driver who is a history buff or just doing your job, Route 66 is a must-see. Be sure to add these four stops to your itinerary!

The First Stop: Illinois’ Route 66 State Park

State Park is a must-visit on your road trip down this route. Located just outside of St. Louis, the park preserves a 30-mile stretch of this famed stretch of highway, including a drive-in and a classic diner. The park offers a number of amenities to visitors, such as picnic areas, nature trails, and interpretive displays. The Visitors Center features exhibits on the history of the park, the landscape, and the area’s cultural and natural history. You can learn about the park’s rich history at the nearby Historic Village Museum, which tells the story of early Illinois settlers who lived and worked along The Mother Road. 

The Second Stop: The Cadillac Ranch in Texas

Another must-stop on your road trip down Route 66 is the famous Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas. This iconic roadside attraction features colorful graffiti-covered Cadillac cars that have been partially buried in the ground. The 11 cars that makeup Cadillac Ranch are a tribute to the heyday of American car culture. Each one of the cars is at a different angle, representing an era in automotive design – from the 1949 Coupe de Ville to the 1963 Sedan de Ville. Not only is the Cadillac Ranch an Instagram-worthy attraction, but it’s also a great spot to take a break and reflect on the significance of this road. Plus, you can take part in the longstanding tradition of leaving a few of your own artistic tags behind. 

Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas as one of Route 66 attractions.

The Third Stop: The Route 66 Museum in Oklahoma

As you’re heading down Route 66, be sure to make a stop at the Route 66 Museum in Clinton, Oklahoma. This site is dedicated to honoring the history of the iconic highway, from its beginnings to its heyday. The museum houses a collection of memorabilia, documents, photographs, and artifacts that tell the story of this route’s fascinating past. There’s also a two-acre outdoor exhibit where you can explore a replica of a classic highway section and experience what it was like to travel on the highway at that time. The museum is a great place to stop and learn more about the history of this storied road. Plus, you can pick up souvenirs from the gift shop to remember your journey. 

The Fourth Stop: Blue Hole in New Mexico

If you’re looking for a place to take a break from driving, head off the highway and check out the Blue Hole in Santa Rosa. This beautiful natural swimming hole is one of the most popular attractions in New Mexico. Blue Hole is a clear blue circle of water nestled into a cliff that radiates calming energy. The water is always at comfortable 72 degrees, so it’s the perfect spot for a refreshing dip. Plus, the surrounding cliffs provide a breathtaking backdrop for a picnic or an outdoor yoga session. Blue Hole is a great spot to relax and recharge before you continue your road trip down Route 66.

Blue Hole in Santa Rosa, New Mexico as one of Route 66 attractions

Route 66 is an iconic road that has been immortalized in songs, movies, and TV shows. And while the road trip down Route 66 may seem long and daunting, there are plenty of unique and memorable stops along the way. From Illinois My Route 66 State Park to the Blue Hole in Santa Rosa, there’s something for everyone on this legendary stretch of highway. So, if your next route is taking you this way, be sure to include a few of these must-see stops on your journey. Although much of the original road has been replaced by modern highways, the spirit of Route 66 is still alive and well. This legendary route is still worth visiting today to experience a truly timeless road trip.

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