Small and Mid-Size Trucking and Logistics Companies Are Taking Advantage

In the past couple of years, more and more big businesses choose small and mid-size trucking and logistics companies for their needs. Up to now, it hasn’t been a frequent choice. Instead, big companies were always cooperating with other big companies. However, things have changed so let’s see what might be the reason and what is happening in the trucking market. 

The trucking industry has experienced substantial changes. Big companies are not necessarily a synonym for high quality but they all have their advantages and disadvantages. If you were a big corporation that has constant and growing needs for trucking and logistics services, you would definitely consider all relevant aspects before choosing one. And honestly, there’s no such a thing that doesn’t matter. For instance, lots of people think that big companies don’t need to care about how much they spend, which is far from reality. Everything matters, prices matter as well. 

Fewer Mistakes for Lower Prices

We have already established that time is money. The first reason some big corporations are turning to small and mid-size trucking and logistic companies is affordable prices. 

Contrary to their big counterparts, small and mid-size transportation companies have lower overhead and fixed expenses. According to that, they offer more affordable packages than large companies. Very often smaller companies will not charge you for an extra mile or time depending on the volume of items that need to be hauled.  

Further, your freight requirements are their top priority. As every business is dynamic, your needs may vary occasionally. Thus, small and mid-size trucking companies are open to customizing your needs without trying to assure you that one size fits all. 

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Another advantage is that small and mid-size companies are not overwhelmed with loads and freight as opposed to giant trucking and logistics companies. As a result, there is less chance for a mistake to happen. There are no hundreds of different people in the company relying on each other with the huge amount of work they very often can’t handle. Fatigue and workload cause so many mistakes and big companies are prone to that. Even if a mistake happens with a small or mid-size trucking company, which can undoubtedly occur, it takes less time to fix. Big companies have a full slate of rules and regulations in terms of what a particular employee can and can’t do.

In an urgent situation when it comes to a sort of an issue, for each step they make, even a little one, employees have to go through a huge chain of hire ups.  Thus it’s a lot easier to manage communication with fewer people, identify the problem and address it in a proper manner in no time because employees have more flexibility to take some back and forth steps on their own. Their flexibility is mainly caused by their eagerness to survive and grow further.

The moral of the story, small and mid-size trucking and logistics companies will not refer to you as a customer but as a partner. Contrary to big trucking companies, your business is not just a name. 

A Human Touch

Personal attention is something that all clients admire, no matter how big they are. Big corporations have numerous employees who are usually over-occupied by huge workloads. As a result, they operate like robots and have neither motivation nor time to personally approach clients. They operate by default.

Contrary to that, small and mid-size companies have a different management structures by their nature and have time and possibility to develop a deeper and more personal attitude. Being a part of a small team means getting to know the colleagues better and making more reliable connections within the company. This is the way loyalty is built.

Tiny people with clock, checklist and target. Productive cartoon characters achieving goal flat vector illustration. Discipline, time management concept for banner, website design or landing web page
Tiny people with clock, checklist and target. Productive cartoon characters achieving goal flat vector illustration. Discipline, time management concept for banner, website design or landing web page

Small and mid-size trucking and logistics companies are small enough to approach each client with no hesitation and deliver a personal touch, and they are big enough to put all together perfectly. 

By turning to small and mid-size trucking and logistic companies, you support the community and make it become self-sustainable. Every mile is directly stimulating the local economy. Further, improved cost efficiency, time-saving and multi-level services you get in one place are the reasons fair enough to opt for a small or mid-size trucking and logistic company. 


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